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Online Scratchcards

Online scratchcards let you enjoy the thrill of a physical scratchcard without having to leave the house.

You won't need a coin or hard surface to scratch off another winner, either; just load up a fantastic online casino and find a game that's right for you.

Select the card value and how many cards you want to scratch in a row; even let the casino do it for you. All you need to do is sit back and watch the jackpots roll in.

At, we have a great selection of scratchcard sites with games offering tens of thousands of pounds in jackpot prizes.

Free to Play Online Scratch Cards

How To Play Online Scratchcards

First, head to the area of the casino that has the scratchcards. You'll usually find them in the Leisure/Other Games area of the lobby.

Select your scratchcard and load it up. You'll be presented with a grid of symbols, all hiding special icons that may or may not line up to win you prizes. Choose your stake and whether you want the cards to be scratched automatically, then hit the 'Play' button.

Now start scratching. Click on a symbol to scratch away the surface, and keep going until all squares are revealed. You'll win cash prizes by revealing winning symbols in a horizontal, vertical or diagonal row. Usually you'll have to line up a sequence of appropriate symbols; other scratchcards pick at random a prize symbol which you have to match on your first scratch. Get a good card and a big jackpot can be yours.

Classic Scratchcards

If you love the old-school thrill of scratching off the silver foil, some of the top real money online casinos offer no-nonsense scratchcards for you.

NetEnt's Lucky Double is about as classic as it gets; scratch off the card containing six or nine GBP values and match three to win a prize. There's a jackpot worth £100,000 if you're lucky enough. You can even select from a choice of scratch tools before you begin.

Meanwhile, the popular Quickfire-powered Scratch Selector offers 20 games in one. Scratchcards are "torn off" from a classic newsagent's dispenser and placed on a virtual counter. Scratch off the nine symbols and win by matching three items.

The Best Branded Games

The great thing about online casino scratchcards is you'll tend to find plenty of big-name branded games.

Marvel's Iron Man 2 scratchcard, for example, features actual images from the Hollywood movie, and the aim is to reveal three Reactor symbols in a row vertically, diagonally or horizontally.

King Kong, another scratchcard based on a Hollywood adaptation, picks - at random - a prize symbol. You simply have to match the prize symbol with a spot on the card.

For fans of Monty Python, Spamalot also has a prize symbol. Match it to any one of the six hidden symbols to win a prize. Different prize symbols carry different prizes, so you'll want to be hitting that jackpot icon as much as possible. As soon as you match the two symbols the remainder of the icons will be revealed and you play again.

Winning Big Jackpots

While physical scratchcards from a newsagent can win you some pretty decent prizes, you have much more freedom with online games.

Because you're totally in control of the stakes, you can win as little or as much as your wallet can handle.

Monty Python's Spamalot, for example, has card values ranging from 50p to £10, and a maximum jackpot worth £100,000.

Play Scratchcards Online And Win More!

If you're looking for the best freeplay scratchcards in the UK, check out our selection here. At we have some of the best jackpot and branded scratchcards available to try out.

Once you've got the hand of them, sign up to one of our recommended online casinos, deposit some cash and have a go at bagging a big real-money jackpot.

Even better, all of our top casinos offer fantastic welcome bonuses for new customers so you can make your pounds go even further.

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