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Mobile casinos are the biggest revolution to hit gambling in years. Now it's possible to use your tablet or smartphone's capabilities to gamble on slots on the move, wherever you are, for real money.

And the trend is only going to continue.

The best thing about mobile slots is that most developers are bringing out new games for both desktop and mobile at the same time. And with many games programmed in Flash or HTML5, most smartphone brands will run the best titles easily and smoothly.

While some preparation is needed to turn your phone into an all-conquering, kick-ass gambling powerhouse, it's easier than ever to enjoy top slots on the go.

Downloading and Instant Play

Downloading a client (if available) is as easy as visiting the casino site homepage via your mobile phone and download the client from there.

'Native' apps are written specifically for the iOS or Android devices, and are usually written in Java.

If a native mobile app isn't available, no-download games can be played. A simple login at the mobile site is needed then individual games are loaded via the phone's browser. You will usually just need the same login details you use for your desktop account.

Because many online slot machines are programmed with HTML5, you won't have problems loading games on OS or Android phones and tablets. HTML5 is powered by JavaScript and works much better in a browser than a static website. Make sure your phone's browser can handle HTML5 before playing.

Top Mobile Casino Sites

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Top Mobile Casino Sites

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How Mobile and Desktop Slots Differ

The first thing you'll notice is that slots appear much more differently on a mobile phone to a desktop client.

Because of the size of the screen, the main functions will be retained only. Therefore, the whole gamescreen might be taken up by just the reels. Depending on the developer, the 'Spin' button might be off the screen or accessed by simply tapping the reels. The paytable, cashier, and other betting functions will generally be in a drop-down menu or off the screen too.

The coin sizes may differ from mobile slot to desktop one, and the RTP (Return to Player percentage) may also vary. Plus, you might not get quite the same level of animation or graphics as a more full-on desktop version. Aside from those elements, there's nothing much to distinguish a mobile slot from its bigger PC cousin.

Types of Mobile Slots

Android Slots

Android devices work particularly well with casino slots. When downloading an app at the Play Store, make sure the 'Allow the installation of apps from sources other than the Play Store' box is ticked on your phone before downloading an app. Users should also have the latest Android 4.4 system installed to avoid problems downloading games. Read here for the best Android slots advice.

iPhone Slots

To download a native iPhone app, visit the App Store and see if the casino is available for download. Alternatively, casinos might have no-download games for iOS devices via the browser. Make sure your Safari or Firefox mobile browser is up-to-date and make sure the iOS is up-to-date. Read on to find out more on iPhone slots.

iPad Slots

The latest Apple iPad has the power and graphics to play all good HTML5 mobile slots. With an iPad, players have the screen's bigger size to enjoy games on. Read here for more about iPad slots and casinos.

Smartwatch Slots

Apple's latest must-have gadget is the Apple Watch. The first in what will surely be a long line of smartwatches (Samsung have a rival watch out), they can become the next generation of devices used for mobile gambling. But are the tiny screens able to cope with the complexity if a slot game? We take a look at how you can enjoy games on your smartwatch right now.

Mobile Casino Problems

Connection: Poor battery life is the bane of smartphone and tablet owners. There's nothing worse than your device shutting off when you are about to hit a bonus feature. But most casinos let you simply log back in and take up a slot where you left off before your phone died.

Similarly, if someone phones you mid-game, or you lose Internet connection, the game will normally be paused. Just resume the slot when you go back in.

Your Operating System: Some casino games only work on iOS6.1 or higher. For older smartphones, this can be a problem. Always give some of the freeplay mobile slots a try first before loading up some hard cash. For Android, you're looking at anything past 4.1 and above, although 4.4 is ideal.

Browsers For Instant-Play Games:

Make sure your mobile web browser is current to avoid compatibility problems:

  • Safari 5 on iOS 6 or higher
  • Chrome 25 on iOS 6 or higher
  • Chrome 25 on Android 4.0 or higher

Keeping Track of Data Usage: If you're away from a WiFi area and relying on your mobile package data, ensure you have 3G connectivity enabled (although 4G, if available, is stronger). Downloading slots and games can eat into your data usage as well, so make sure you have a decent amount in your package. Generally, casino games take up 100kb a time to load.

Poor Graphics: Some mobile slots have jerky graphics and animation. This is generally caused by the smartphone's inferior audio player. If this happens, shut off the audio on your phone to improve the overall experience.

Content Blocking: Some UK mobile providers will block any gambling sites being accessed on their networks. A simple phone call to your provider to tell them you're over 18 is usually enough to get round it.

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