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Even though Apple Mac pioneer Steve Jobs is long-gone, his legacy lives on. Over the past few decades, the Mac has risen from minor-league preserve of graphic designers to becoming the must-have gadget for students, professionals and hipsters everywhere (OK, maybe hipsters would actually plump for a Raspberry Pi).

But as the Mac's superior firepower and graphics has led to a new generation of owners, so has the range of casino games and slots available to players.

Mac owners can now enjoy the same great slots games on their machines as PC players. The graphics are as sharp, and the gameplay as slick. The only question is whether to download a client (if available) or plump for in-browser, instant-play action.

How to Download Mac Clients

The first step is to find a casino that has a dedicated Mac download client. Downloading a Mac app takes a few minutes and will sit on your desktop.

Downloading a casino client is free. From there you can access the casino site quickly and download slots games straight to your machine. You'll also find a suite of games specifically designed to work on your Apple Mac machine.

Top Mac Casino Sites

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Top Mac Casino Sites

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No-Download Alternatives

What if a Mac client isn't available? What are the alternatives?

Traditionally, a no-download casino is the best option. Mac users might not have the full range of slots and table games available, but it's a solid alternative if you don't own a PC.

No-download clients work by logging on via the Safari or Firefox browser with a simple username and password. Games are then loaded up individually in the player's web browser. Make sure your browser is up-to-date (Firefox 13 or Safari 5 and above), and ensure the Adobe Flash Player browser plug-in is installed.

Mac OS System Requirements

If you're playing no-download Mac slots via your browser, you need to make sure you have Flash. Traditionally Flash and Macs haven't been the best of buddies, but things are changing.

If you're downloading the Flash Player, make sure you have the latest Firefox or Safari installed on your machine. This will help the download process.

If you're trying to open up Flash-powered slots in your browser, make sure you have up-to-date settings.

For Mac OS X 10.6 or 10.7 users, hit the Preferences tab in Safari and make sure Java and Plug-Ins are enabled. If you're a newer Mac OS X 10.8 or 10.10 user, open 'Preferences' in Safari but make sure the 'Enable JavaScript' box is ticked. You'll also be asked whether you want Flash allowed on external websites. Make sure that 'Allow' option is selected. Helpful tips for Mac users can be found at the Adobe website.

Mac OS vs Windows

Hardcore gamers will usually testify to the PC's dominance over Macs for gameplay, but when it comes to gambling sites, the differences are minimal.

These days, most new slots are produced in HTML5 as the software transports well across all platforms. This is particularly true if you are playing mobile slots where the programming works especially well on portable iOS devices like the iPhone and iPad.

Whether you're playing roulette, progressives or the latest 3D slots, there's nothing to prevent Mac users from enjoying the same great games as their PC rivals. The same security applies, the welcome bonuses are equal, and the customer support should be just as solid.

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