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Aussie players might know Fremantle Media as producer some of the biggest TV shows to hit the country like Sons and Daughters, Prisoner, and The Young Doctors.

More recently, however, the firm has branched out into mega reality shows like The X Factor - a massive hit around the world.

And where shows like The Wheel of Fortune and X Factor come, online slots usually follow. Fremantle has backed up its roster of shows with some pretty kick-ass online games for players. Let's take a look at why Fremantle is building itself up to be a massive player in the online slots market.

About Fremantle

FremantleMedia was born in 2001, although the company's history stretches back to 1917 (when online slots were a mere twinkle in the CEO's eye).

After the new company was formed, Pop Idol hit a stunned UK TV audience as the music reality show took hold of our Saturday nights.

X Factor launched in 2004, with shows like American Idol and Britain's Got Talent cementing the firm's place as primetime TV slot pioneers.

Slots of a different sort followed as the company moved into online gaming and began to release games based on their popular shows: X Factor Steps to Stardom remains a popular slot, while games based on older Fremantle shows like The Price is Right and Blockbusters have been a hit too.

More recently, FremantleMedia has teamed up with Ludia Inc. to produce some popular slots on Facebook.

Free-play games like Press Your Luck and The Price is Right (with an emphasis on purchasing 'credits' to further your game) have proved to be big hits with casual fun-slots players.

Fremantle Slot Machine Reviews (No Free Games)

Popular Slots

Let's start off with the social slots games Fremantle have been churning out.

The Price is Right - released in 2012 - sees players start off in a lobby where they are faced with the gameshow's popular rounds like Cliff Hangers, 3 Strikes and Plinko.

Games are unlocked in order as players spins and collect chips. Eventually - as in the show - they get to spin the giant Big Wheel and earn prize multipliers and a potential jackpot.

While The Price is Right is a pretty decent stab at a social slots game, it's the firm's own X Factor game that is the bees' knees.

In terms of real-money slots, with 5 reels and 20 paylines, Fremantle's X Factor comes with original music from the show, and some interesting bonus rounds based on the TV 'reality' show.

The Boot Camp awards 5, 10 or 15 free spins depending on how many bonus Scatters are landed on the reels. The Judges Bonus, meanwhile, is a twist on the 'Gamble' feature which requires you to hit the 'Reveal Verdict' button in front of each judge. Reveal a 'Yes' and you'll win the cash prize.

Other Fremantle shows - in the UK, at least - enjoy their own slots adaptations, including the classic '80s quiz Blockbusters and Family Fortunes.

While some branded titles are often a case of style over content, Fremantle's slots actually deliver the goods for the most part.

Enjoy Top Fremantle Games For Free

There isn't a huge range of Fremantle slots available online, but luckily at we boast a good range of the most popular games so you can get a feel.

Whether you're into old-school television gameshows or more up-to-date reality shows, Fremantle have something for you.

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