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Online Slots Features

Once upon a time, a slot feature meant a few nudges, a hold option, or a simple Hi-Lo game.

With today's online video slots, however, there are nearly as many bonus features as there are symbols in the game.

Video slots features can be as simple as multiple paylines, Wilds symbols that act as 'jokers' on the reels, or Scatters which pay regardless of where they land on the reels.

With so many exciting features now ever-present in today's slots, we've made pages for each of them. Click on the links below to read more about online slots features.

Slots Features

With so many games online, it's important to hunt out slots that have features you enjoy. Just because features are present, it doesn't mean the slots are likely to pay out more. In fact, some slots with added bonuses can cost you extra coins when you play. Ultimately, it's your choice whether you invest that little bit extra to access the exciting additions.


Paylines are the winning combinations of symbols that award payouts. While classic online slots used to make do with 1-3 paylines, modern online slots can boast anywhere from 10, 15 and 25 paylines to 243, 720 and 1,024 paylines. Typically, paylines pay from left-to-right, starting with the first reel, and usually pay for two or three symbols in a row. However, "multi-way" slots can pay right-to-left too to bump up the payline total.

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Wilds are classic symbols that you'll find in thousands of modern online slots. Wilds are symbols that substitute for all other symbols on the reels to help form winning combinations. Typically, Wilds won't substitute for Scatters or bonus icons (see below) but they can still bump up your bankroll if there are a lot on the reels. Wilds usually have a big jackpot attached if you line up five on a payline.

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  • Expanding Wilds: Are special symbols used by some developers in their slots. When they appear, expanding Wilds stretch down across all the rows to form a single image. In doing so they increase your winnings.
  • Stacked Wilds: Are Wild symbols that appear on top of each other on a reel. Typically, stacked Wilds appear in threes to fill a whole reel and help players bump up their winnings. Stacked Wilds can also appear heavily in some slots' free spins bonuses.
  • Sticky Wilds: Are symbols that stay in place for the next spin. When that happens, the reels and symbols spin while the Sticky Wilds stay where they are. This can often lead to consecutive wins for players.
  • Shifting Wilds: (Similar to Sticky Wilds) remain on the reels for another spin but will "shift" reels inbetween spins. Shifting Wilds might stay on the reels until they've worked their way across the reels from left-to-right. Once they've appeared on Reel 5 they move right and disappear. The slot then continues as normal.
  • Transferring Wild: Another popular feature of WMS (Williams) online slots, is a special Wild that replicates itself across the reels. If one Wild appears it may repeat on adjacent reels or change a set of symbols into Wilds. This, of course, can lead to some pretty big cash wins.

Free Spins

One of the most popular in-game slots bonuses is the Free Spins feature. Usually, free spins are triggered by landing three or more Scatter icons anywhere on the reels. Bonus features vary from developer to developer, but usually a set amount of free spins will be awarded with a prize multiplier attached to each winning spin. Sometimes, a special set of reels will be used and loaded with extra Wilds or Scatters.

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Slots 'volatility' is the frequency with which a game pays out. You might play a slot with lots of regular, small wins, or a game may pay out big jackpots infrequently. The choice the player has is picking a low or high volatility slot that is right for them and their bankroll.

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Scatter Pays

Scatters, or Scatter Pays, are bonus symbols which pay out wherever they land on the reels. They don't have to be part of a payline of consecutive matching symbols; Scatters just pay you when they hit the reels. While two Scatters will pay out a little cash, three Scatters will usually trigger a special bonus round like Free Spins or a Trail Bonus.

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For some developers, 10 or 15 paylines isn't enough. For them, they want to offer 243, 720 or 1,000+ paylines. These 'multi-way' slots, or ways-to-win games, offer multiple paylines for a set stake per spin. Slots with many ways-to-win usually pay out lots of small wins. Hit the big payline, however, and the jackpots can come flooding in.


Coins are the individual bets players make when playing online slots. Choosing the right coin bets and the right stakes is about judging the game you're playing and handling your bankroll. With our tips you'll be better positioned to make your bankroll go further.

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RTP (Return to Player Percentage)

Each slots is programmed at the development stage to pay out certain jackpots. The jackpots can be generous compared to the number of bonus symbols on the reels, or they can be pretty mean. Over time, it's possible to work out a slot's average, theoretical, payout to players. This is known as the RTP, or Return to Player percentage.

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Cascading Reels

A popular slots feature from WMS (Williams), Cascading Reels are slightly different to classic slots reels. When symbols drop down the screen, the winning combinations "explode" and disappear from the reels. The symbols above then drop into their place. The process continues until winning combos stop being formed.

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Expanding Scatters

Not as common as expanding Wilds but still a popular feature, Expanding Scatters tend to appear during Free Spins rounds. A set symbol will expand and also pay in any position, just like a typical Scatter icon. When it expands, you're in for some big cash wins.

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Split Symbols

A popular feature in some IGT (International Gaming Technology) online slots, 'Split Symbols' are double icons that occupy a single space on the reels. Wild symbols can sometimes act as split symbols too, giving players an even bigger chance to win.

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Multiplier Symbols

Many online slots developers feature multipliers in their games. Typically, free spins wins will have a multiplier attached. However, many games feature 'progressive multipliers' in the base game which can bump up regular wins without having to trigger a bonus.

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Bonus Games

No online slot is complete without a bonus game. It can be as basic as an 'instant cash win' or a Gamble feature, or as complex as a multi-level arcade game. Bonuses usually follow certain groups: free spins, instant wins, 'pick me' bonus, trail bonus, progressive jackpot, skill game. However, bonuses can vary wildly from developer to developer, and differ hugely in quality.

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Re-Triggering Free Spins

Free spins are a great way to earn some bonus cash. But while free spins are attractive, re-triggering free spins are even better. Retriggered free spins features let you activate the round again by landing a further three bonus Scatters. For slots that only offer 10 free spins, retriggering is very attractive.

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Gamble Feature

One of the typical online slots features is the Gamble game. After any winning spin, you can have the option of playing 'double-or-nothing' on your cash. By hitting the 'Gamble' button you'll usually be asked to play a Hi-Lo game or choose whether the next card drawn is red or black. Choose correctly and your win is doubled. But is it the smart option....?

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