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Arguably the leader in massive worldwide TV gameshow phenomena, Endemol might be better-known as the makers of Big Brother and Deal or No Deal, but the subsidiary Endemol Games has been busy over the past few years turning its biggest television hits into online slots and games.

Whether its lotteries, land-based casinos or online and mobile casinos, Endemol has made its relatively short lifespan (just over 5 years) tell. The portfolio the firm boasts can easily rival any of the big gaming stalwarts.

And at the end of the day, who can resist a little Deal or No Deal slot for a few quid?

About Endemol Games

Although the TV company, Endemol, has been around for years, unleashing global smashes like Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? on an unsuspecting public, the Endemol Games offshoot is fairly new.

Launched in 2010 by Endemol UK, Endemol Games set out to take advantage of a booming online gaming market and a general crossover between gambling and entertainment.

For the past four years, Endemol Games has also been providing licenced game terminals to land-based casinos. Titles like Golden Balls, Deal or No Deal, and The Million Pound Drop have become fruit machines, video slots, and fixed odds gaming terminals.

Mobile casino games have also been a highlight of Endemol's output. In 2010, Endemol Games tied up with EA Mobile and Gameloft to licence out brands like Deal or No Deal. EA's Deal or No Deal game for iPhone made it to the top of the Apple Store charts.

The same year, Endemol produced 'Red Ball Challenge' with Tag Games for iOS release. Based on the gameshow Total Wipeout - in fact, it's the official iPhone game of the BBC1 show - the game requires players to perform various skills (jumping, running, rope swings) across a series of assault courses.

As well as licences in the UK and Europe, Endemol has a history of launching games on state-run gaming sites in Canada like Espace Jeux.

Endemol Games Slot Machine Reviews (No Free Games)

Popular Endemol Slots

When it comes to branded slots, at least with regards to TV-branded games, they don't really come bigger than Endemol.

Through its shows like Big Brother, The Million Pound Drop and Deal or No Deal, Endemol has been able to launch its very own slots based on its own very popular shows. Most Endemol slots we have played have around a 95% RTP too, so they're not exactly at the top end of payouts, but close.

Deal or No Deal: The Banker's Riches is a great slot for fans of the Noel Edmonds-bothering gameshow and features three bonus features and a three-tier progressive jackpot.

The Reel Banker free spins are just that, while the Jackpot Bonus requires you to play an actual game of Deal or No Deal to win as much cash as possible in the remaining box.

Similarly, The Million Pound Drop will be familiar to anyone who's seen the primetime show. Contestants in the show start off with a wedge of cash, and gradually lose chunks of it before going home with whatever they have left at the end of the programme. Similarly, the Million Pound Drop bonus feature requires players to keep as much moolah through eight rounds of the show.

More international fans can also enjoy the bonkers Hulkamania, based on the recently-disgraced wrestling legend, Hulk Hogan. While on the face of it Hulkamania is a standard sports-themed video slot, the expanding Wilds and two bonus features lift the game above the mediocre.

Other Endemol Games

With so many big brands in its locker, it's not surprising that Endemol has been busy targeting the casual gambler.

With that in mind, various branded blackjack and roulette games bulk out the Endemol portfolio, including Deal or No Deal Blackjack and Deal or No Deal Roulette. Blackjack takes a nice twist on the classic casino game by incorporating a 'Banker's Offer' feature (similar to the one in the TV show) into the game once two cards have been dealt to the player.

With Deal or No Deal Roulette, a single-zero 'American' Roulette game, a secondary bonus wheel is available, as is a side bet bonus for the real gamblers.

Elsewhere, other fixed odds games like Battlecash Bonanza - a twist on the popular Battleships game - gives out cash for sinking ships. Endemol scratchcards also populate many top UK-focussed casino sites.

Meanwhile, branded bingo also forms a large part of the Endemol family. Big Brother Bingo (formed in partnership with 888) combines two popular pastimes - watching a bunch of nobodys in a house and bingo - while Deal or No Deal Bingo adds a twist to the same-old online bingo format.

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