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Ainsworth Slot Machines

Ainsworth is a name which is synonymous with the slots industry. Les Ainsworth may not be a name that you’ve ever heard before, but those of you who have worked in the gaming industry or played slots for a long time will certainly have come across it before.

He is a self-made billionaire who founded Aristocrat in 1953 and grew the company into the world’s second biggest slot maker behind IGT (international Game Technology) before stepping aside from his position in 1994 when he had a cancer scare.

The following year Les decided to form another company by the name of Ainsworth Game Technology which focused heavily on developing slot machine cabinets for brick and mortar casinos in Australia, but such was the success, they have rapidly expanded over the last few decades to supply their machines across the world, and most importantly for you, developed real money online versions of them for you to enjoy from the comfort of your own home.

A Rich History in Slots Development

Having been at the forefront of the slots industry since 1953, Les Ainsworth has more experience than most people after founding two of the most illustrious slots development companies in the world. When he founded Ainsworth over two decades ago he did so with the lofty goal of ‘becoming the leading manufacturer and supplier of gaming solutions’. Of course, that was always going to be a mammoth, some would say impossible, task considering the longevity of IGT and how they are constantly innovating, but Ainsworth have certainly made a big impact on the industry.

Nowadays their website states that the company’s vision is ‘to deliver excellence in Global Gaming Solutions’ so perhaps the reality that they are highly unlikely to become the leading manufacturer has sunken in, but that doesn’t mean that they are resting on their laurels. Ainsworth is a company which is constantly expanding hence them having sales offices and distributers in Australia, New Zealand, Asia, USA and Europe and while the bulk of their income comes from supplying their three flagship models for live casinos - the A560, Ambassador and Celebrity cabinets, the number of online casinos offering their titles has also rapidly increased over the last few years and there are no signs of that trend changing anytime soon.

Free to Play Ainsworth Slot Machine Games

Distinctive Features of Ainsworth Slots

The more experienced players amongst you will notice that there are many similarities between Ainsworth slots and slots by Aristocrat, which probably isn’t surprising considering Les Ainsworth’s involvement with both companies.

Personally, I feel like Ainsworth slots boast better graphics than those developed by Aristocrat, but even then, they appear quite outdated compared to the advances made by competitors in recent years who have made a transition to incorporating 3D characters and cinematic clips in their releases which truly captivate players and immerse them in the story being told.

The graphics certainly aren’t going to blow your mind, and unfortunately, neither are the bonus features in slots developed by Ainsworth. If you’re used to playing slots from the likes of Blueprint Gaming and Net Entertainment you will feel like you’ve been teleported back in time when playing Ainsworth slots with basic features like Sticky Wilds, Expanding Wilds, free spins modes and gamble features as exciting as it gets in most their releases.

Another distinctive feature in their releases are the sound effects – which are used over and over again! You’ll have to endure the cranking sound of gears as the reels are spun which can be cool at the start but after several spins it will start to aggravate you, trust me on that.

Best Online Slot Releases

While Ainsworth are most famous for providing land-based casinos with physical machines, the last few years has seen them place a bigger emphasis on ensuring those titles are released for players who want to play slots online too, so let’s look at some of the most popular Ainsworth slots to be released at online casinos to date.

One of the most spectacular releases is that of the Jade Emperor slot machine which provides you with a taste of Chinese culture as you set off to meet the Emperor at a lavish temple where you could be gifted free spins and there are four jackpots to be won. Another release which has captivated players is the Light ‘em Up slot machine which will see you enjoy a fabulous show where beautiful female performers dice with fire for your entertainment.

While you won’t find licensed slots based on movies and television shows, which I find rather surprising considering the funds available in the company, you will find slots of varying themes. Everything from Asian themed slots to those based on Native America to those set in the jungle and numerous animal-themed slots are available in their catalogue of games to ensure something for everyone.

Final Thoughts on Ainsworth Slots

Your opinion on Ainsworth slots will ultimately come down to your preference when playing slots online. Those of you who want to get in as many spins per hour as possible while enjoying a well-designed, solid slot will enjoy games from Ainsworth, while those of you who prefer to engage in a story with 3D characters and cinematic scenes will certainly want to avoid these games.

Personally, I find that releases from Ainsworth have become somewhat predictable in recent years as a similar setup and sounds are used in so many of their releases with a free spins mode and gamble feature as exciting as many of them get.

Saying that, Ainsworth still have a large catalogue of slots to develop online versions of so we won’t write them off just yet, but fingers crossed they invest their funds in licensed slots and more imaginative features in the coming years!

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